Firewise Bootcamp


Dear Friends and Local Business Community Members:

In August 2020, the Carmel Fire forced the very first evacuation of Cachagua, Carmel Valley Village and much of the Valley. The fire destroyed 73 structures, including the homes of three Cachagua volunteer firefighters.

In an effort to address this growing threat, local volunteers have formed the Robles del Rio Firewise Group (RFG), an officially recognized community of ‘Firewise, USA’. RFG is an organization that seeks to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, provides educational programs and leads fire-fuel mitigation activities. To date, RFG has led fuel reduction events in its meadows, on neighborhood trails, private property and has been awarded grants totaling $45,000 by PG&E to perform road-side clearing to improve accessibility for emergency vehicles and public evacuations.     

Now RFG is partnering with Monterey County Regional Fire District (MCRFD) to host a “Defensible Space Bootcamp” on Saturday, June 12, to educate the community on strategies to protect their homes from wildfire. This in-person event will feature presentations, a demonstration, and an online auction. We are also having a Prize Drawing: A complete retrofit of all air vents (attic, soffit, and foundation) on a home of up to 3,000 sq. ft. Retail value: $5,000 – Prize drawing tickets are a part of the registration package – no purchase necessary). 

●      Robles Firewise Group’s fire-fuel mitigation & public education efforts

●      MCRFD Benevolence Fund, which financially assists residents in crisis

●      Cachagua Volunteer Fire Dept. to help purchase needed equipment

Our deadline for commitment of in-kind donations is Friday, June 4th. Deadline for delivery or pick up of donations is June 7th.

With gratitude and hope, 

Stacey Wood          

Board President

Robles Firewise Group

REGISTER TO ATTEND THE EVENT by going to our website: