Photo Sunday, 5/16/21 — My garden non-natives

Gaillardia is native to the Southwest, not Big Sur, but it does well up here.
This is my D’anjou pear. I also have Indian Peach and Apricot. I have planted others that got fire blight or something, but these 3 are doing well.
What’s a garden without Rosemary? It has gotten huge and it and the lavender have learned to co-exist. The bees love this one. On a warm day, it is humming.
This is my only surviving rose of the many I planted. It is a “Just Joey” and I adore it. I did not have any gophers up here until I planted an artichoke. Then the gophers came from miles around and ate all but this one, and the artichoke. It is planted near the rosemary, but other than that, I haven’t a clue.