Photo Sunday, 5/16/21 — My garden non-natives

Gaillardia is native to the Southwest, not Big Sur, but it does well up here.
This is my D’anjou pear. I also have Indian Peach and Apricot. I have planted others that got fire blight or something, but these 3 are doing well.
What’s a garden without Rosemary? It has gotten huge and it and the lavender have learned to co-exist. The bees love this one. On a warm day, it is humming.
This is my only surviving rose of the many I planted. It is a “Just Joey” and I adore it. I did not have any gophers up here until I planted an artichoke. Then the gophers came from miles around and ate all but this one, and the artichoke. It is planted near the rosemary, but other than that, I haven’t a clue.

4 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 5/16/21 — My garden non-natives

  1. The gophers have returned to my yard~no artichokes here. I don’t know what they are eating…nothing new in the yard! My back yard looks like a putting green 🙁

  2. Oh, the Rose!!! My fav flower, & just one reason I love the month of May! Thanks Kate, for sharing your beauty, Just Joey! How bout growing Rose’s on your deck, if one, separate from the gopher’s! 😍

  3. My Rose’s is almost dead, but hopefully we can bring it back.

    Kate’s alien plants are not known to me to be invasive (reproduce), but y’all be careful that you don’t import anything that will, no matter how pretty. Eucalypts, for example–with some exceptions, perhaps, like red-flowering eucalyptus (E. ficifolia). Pampas grass (or “pompous grass” as Rose calls it) is one of the worst.

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