Wildfires near Pozo and/or No of Lake San Antonio

8:30 pm UPDATE: 800 acres, forward motion stopped. 50% contained and doing a firing operation tonight.

6:30 pm UPDATE: 500 Acres with a potential for 2000 this burn period. Orders for tomorrow: Day shift resources order of 6 Charlie strike teams, 4 dozers( probably the same ones from today with new operators) 2 strike teams of crews, 4 divisions

4:30 pm — Aircraft are flying it now. One report is 50 acres.

05/30/2021 13:19LPF-1234BEEWildfireQUEEN BEE SL.CRW1LPF DIV1LPF E315LPF4X4 E335LPF E338LPF4X4 PAT18LPF Q WT23LPFSUPT 1 Effective 5/30/2021 1438.1.535 17.196, -120 27.10230S R14E Sec 23.

There is another one called Sergeants north of Lake San Antonio, also a BEU fire:

05/30/2021 13:41LPF-1235NewWildfireacross from Mkneil truck tail.....35 17.376, -120 26.46030S R14E Sec 23.

There two fires may be merging. Here is probably the location: