Monday Morning Coffee. 8/9/21

I keep getting asked the name and author or this. Emile White, as editor, did one of these every year for a while. To see the beginning of this story go to There you can see the cover, the face page, and all your questions will be answered.

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  1. Kate: what is the name and author of this book, I would like to track down a copy! sue mccloud (

  2. If you dig further back in this book, there is a picture of a bunch of kids in Hawaiian skirts doing the Hula during “Play Day” when we used to meet up with Pfeiffer School and compete in sports and dance. I’m in the front row with the parted hula skirt!! Also, I’m in another picture of Pacific Valley School (near Sand Dollar Beach) I’m chasing after the ball! This was the “new school”… prior to that we had an old house for our school and living quarters for our teacher, Helen Leopold, her husband, Warren, and their 4 kids, Mark, Eric, Laurel, and David. We were the first kids to use the new school in probably 1962-1963? Glory days of my life!!

  3. OOPS… my pictures were in a different magazine… Circle of Enchantment!! Sorry! I do have the magazine that these pictures were taken from, and got confused!! See if you can find Circle of Enchantment, it’s an amazing full color book with awesome photos… another foot note… I was in the graduating class of Coast Joint Union High School in 1968 who had their graduation at Hearst Castle on June 6, 1968.

  4. This was so interesting to read. And I like Jane’s comments. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As Sue McCloud mentioned above…I too would like to know where I can find a copy of the book. Thanks in advance…

  6. Jane, do you know if Warren helped build the new Pacific Valley School in ’62/’63? I know he went on to build homes in Cambria. How many kids were in the school then? I’ve been working at the school for over 20 years now and people come through from time to time sharing their stories of being students there. One man shared a thumb drive of pictures from what I believe was the 60s.

  7. I don’t believe Warren helped build the school, not to my recollection. At the time the family was dealing with the illness and death of their son Eric. When I was in 1st grade (1956-57) there weren’t enough kids to open the school so we were “bussed” to Pfeiffer School, then located in the Pfeiffer Big Sur Park (before it became Captain Cooper School). In 2nd. grade (1957-58) the school was opened, I think we might have had about 10 kids then. The most I remember was about 16. When we were there, the new school was only 1 building 1-8th grade. Helen Leopold taught us from 3rd grade through 7th grade (1959-1963). Most likely the man who gave you the pictures was my brother Gordon Hansen. They live in SLO and visit Big Sur often.

    On another note, I saw pictures this morning of the fire at Lucia Lodge… I’m heartbroken… that is where we lived and I worked for many years. So sad… a part of history that can never be replaced.

  8. To Jane L Hirsch – you were in my cousin “Robert ‘Bobby’ Tavares’s” high school class.

  9. Lisa- I think Warren was involved in the addition to the school building – lower elementary, kitchen and kinder room.

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