20 thoughts on “Lucia Fire aftermath

  1. Talked to my dad a little bit ago and he remembers watching Uncle Marion build it and working with his mom there. So sad a lot of history and memories.

  2. Wow. Hearts out to all involved. May there be new hope arising from this devastation and grief.

  3. Hey Allen Harlan, I knew Marion. I have a good story from the 70’s if you have any interest.

  4. So very sorry for the Harlan family losing treasured memories of a special Big Sur spot, a resting place for the weary. Driving to Lucia was a hugely long trip for this little girl from Carmel. Landmarks are painful to lose. I do hope Lucia Lodge can rebuild, and in the same manner it was originally built.

  5. News of this tragedy made it’s way to me in Florida. I am a retired widow and my only daughter works there. She sent photos early this morning and to assure me she is fine but heartbroken over this.

  6. I spent my childhood summers at Lucia Ranch in the ’50’s, across the highway from the Lodge. I’m feeling my memories going up in flames.

  7. My earlers beast memories of Big Sur are of my first meal at Lucia …just turned 84 and our lives go on… My bsst to all.Harlans…WeI hold you in our hearts…Bob and Carolee Cross

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