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  1. How terrible! I hope everyone is safe. Please keep us updated on ways to support them.

  2. I’m in shock… I lived there for so many years and grew up helping my mom clean the cabins. In high school and college I worked many years at Lucia, it was “home” to me. To think of the beauty of the lodge being gone, cripples my heart. There is no way to replace the beautiful redwood floors, tables, building. No way to replace the history of that place. A part of my life is lost forever. I hope nobody was injured. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family who owns the Lodge.

  3. So sad to see this gone. Lots of good memories here as we lived at Pacific Valley. At one time my mother, brother, sister and I worked there. So sorry for the lost

  4. Oh my gosh! Those poor people (owners and staff!) My husband and I live in Cambria and just dined there a couple of weeks ago. When is the South Coast region going to catch a break from all these fires? I wonder what caused it? My heart goes out to all of them.

  5. So sad – a favorite place. It’s too soon to know, but we hope it can be re-created. Very glad noone was hurt, and that it did not spread.

  6. Stores like that are essential for Big Sur. I hope they can rebuild. So sad to see this.

  7. First Pacific Valley Center, now Lucia. Spent most of the seventies working at those two places, plus Gorda. I hope Gorda lives on and they rebuild Lucia. My sympathies to the Harlan family.

  8. After living there and working there so long it is beyond sad to see this. I lived at Pacific Valley when it burned down. That was arson. I hope Lucia was from bad wiring or something along those lines. Kenny, let this be a brighter new beginning for Lucia. I hope you can rebuild and keep the Harlan family legacy alive. My deepest sympathy to all who live and work there. And to the Harlan family, I’m so sorry you have to see and experience this. I can’t imagine what you all feel seeing these photos. Sending you all love, light and hope for the future.

  9. It is taken most of the morning to stop crying and praying for my friends at Lucia Lodge. My sister and I lived in a little redwood house right above the Lodge. In my younger years I would clean abalone for the restaurant and sell the shells to the tourist. At about the age of nine I pumped gas there with my good friend Mike Harlan. When I was in high school I spent the summers as a cook at the Lodge. My mother also worked various jobs there. My wife and I frequently go up and visit the Lodge and walked the redwood forests at Lime Kiln I thank God for all the good memories but it is so devastating to see your childhood memories go up in flames. If I am not mistaken insurance companies do not insure businesses in that area … so we will probably never see it open again. Certainly not as it was! All the redwood from that building was harvested and milled by the Harlan family over 90 years ago. A piece of Central Coast history gone forever. That still leaves Gorda to visit. My Aunt Lunetta used to own it.

  10. My heart is breaking…First my Great Aunt Lulu’s, then cousins John & Ruth, then Kenny. So much love and memories there. My sister Virginia worked every summer 1957-1962, and we just buried her yesterday….

  11. So sad. My wife and I are planning our “newly retired tour” to travel the west coast from Seattle to San Diego and part of it is along the Cabrillo Highway/Pacific Coast Highway, CA-1 & US-101. We knew of the Lucia Lodge & Restaurant from friends who stopped there to sleep & eat. We were going to do the same thing. I guess we can’t do that anymore.

  12. Joe, the cabins are fine, but alas eating there will not be possible for a while. You could bring your own food, or go to one of our other establishments.

  13. Hope the Harlan family is OK, would like to know if we could could help. Long time Cambria family, but rarely make it up the coast until this weekend. So sorry to see the devastation and lost history. Praying it will be rebuilt.

  14. Greg, everyone is okay. Right now, everyone is just asking for some time and some space to process and grieve.. I have told them there are a lot of people willing to help when they are ready. I will chefck in with them in a week or two.

  15. Painful and consoling to read the comments here. My wife and I love driving PCH and have done so for years. whenever we can make it “out west.” I’m not alone, I’m sure, in checking every couple of weeks for any news about rebuilding plans.

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