Impressive Totals

7:30 am — From Jim Shivers: “

The southbound lanes of Highway 1 near Grimes Canyon in the Big Sur area of Monterey County are closed due a rockslide. Caltrans is working to clear the roadway. There is no estimate for re-opening. The northbound lanes remain open. Drive safely.

Highways just about everywhere are a mess. Dawn patrol started at 6 per Heath Johnston, but I would advise extreme caution.

5 thoughts on “Impressive Totals

  1. I emptied 1.6″ from my gauge at 9pm last night. This morning at 6am my 5″ gauge was overflowing and it is still raining at 2000 foot elevation, Willow Creek ridge. It’s the end of Fire Danger, for that I breathe a sigh!

  2. Whoa! I dump my gauge at 8am and Sunday morning it was at 0.5. Watching the radar yesterday the storm looked like it would turn out to be a bust for Big Sur, crashing through the Bay Area, but by the time it hit Santa Cruz I was wondering if it would even make it to us. Emptied my gauge before bed (1.8) just in case. This morning I found another 4.0 inches, a surprising 6.3 inches for the storm. The rain has stopped so maybe it’s over? Our place in Pear Valley is only at 600’ so the higher elevations must be truly impressive.

  3. I’m in a MAJOR rain shadow (River Road side of range) and even I got at least 1.5 inches… gauge 🙁 but I think I needed a bigger pan… filled to rim!

  4. We can all take a deep breath and be grateful for unprecedented October rains. May this continue all winter, possibly a bit more spread out! I am wondering if anyone could share info on the condition of Nacimiento road?

  5. No one from Naci has come to the school to report. Big rocks and trees have been falling even when there was no rain or wind so I’m sure it’s a mess!

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