One thought on “Short Term Rental Regulations

  1. Thank you, Kate for posting this! I may be off track, but …..
    After reading through and checking other County Ordinances I was curious as to why Commercial Vacation Rentals (CVR) and Limited Vacation Rentals (LVR) were for stays of 30 days or less, while a Bed & Breakfasts (B&B) was for stays of only 29 days or less? Then when I checked I noticed that there is nothing on the books of what a long-term rental is and the required length of stay, why not?
    I noticed too that the owner of a B&B is required to occupy his facility (live under the same roof) and manage his business, whereas a Limited Vacation Rental the owner isn’t required to live under the same roof (main home only) with his guest or to manage it for that matter. I think this should be mandatory that “only” the owner live “with” and manage his LVR business … less problems.
    I also thought it would be important to include that “No long-term rental shall be permitted” in either a Commercial or Limited Vacation Rental and that they also cannot be affiliated with hotels, motel, inns, etc. Thanks!

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