28 thoughts on “Plaskett Ridge — Come camp in the World’s Toilet

  1. get DNA samples and prosecute and forever ban or a decade of trail repair, grunge cleanup etc…

  2. Such a simple thing to respect, preserve and understand, that the natural beauty enjoyed by so many can be dismissed so easily by the few that need to get a clue. There is Karma out there. What goes around at some point will come around. Hard to believe that we have failed to educate the populace that the world does not revolve around them…..

  3. Big Sur Land Use Plan

    5.3.1 Land Use Categories

    1. National Forest

    “The U.S. Forest Service manages the Los Padres National Forest under a multiple use concept in which conservation of plants and wildlife communities, protection of watersheds, maintenance of scenic beauty, and low intensity recreation are principal land use activities.”

    We believe that off-road vehicle camping in Big Sur is destroying its sensitive and natural environment and, due to its increased popularity, is not a low intensity recreation.

  4. I just Do Not Understand how people can be so disrespectful of one of our most Precious Places on this Earth???!!!
    I came from So. California more than 48 years ago and I remember back in the 70s when i lived in Big Sur, working for Family At Nepenthe & went for a hike on Mr. Hill’s property by the Pt. Sur Lighthouse…such a beautiful place…where the forest meets the ocean…Im like writing poetry totally inspired when I see people camping out tearing up trees to make a fire but with trash all around them..drinking & such.i read them the riot act in no uncertain terms…ugh…i cannot understand either how people don’t care or do not seem to understand the concept of stewardship of our Earth home…i made such an amazing shift of consciousness back in those days…was quite like going thru a portal to a new reality…of course infinitely grateful I was able to do so….what has happened to our world since the Pandemic is just 😨 scary..
    seems many people have lost their higher values & respect for anything except their own base desires…

  5. Absolutely disgusting. No respect for the beauty of the land, treating it like a garbage dump and sewer. Very very sad.

  6. Utterly disgusting. Some folks just don’t have ANY class. If there was ever any good reason to put up a gate at both ends of the highway… 😡

  7. And I can’t help but ask, where is the United States Forest Service, I mean this is public property that they are supposed to be responsible for and protecting …. where’s the Hazmat Team (biohazard cleanup crew)? This is just total bull—!

  8. Shameful. As the Monterey County Tourism group spends all that TOT money generated by tourists to PROMOTE our precious jewel, we should be protesting that they set aside money to PROTECT it.

  9. Kate,
    This is beyond disgusting. I agree there are more good campers than bad. I just wished we would get a few more good ones!!!
    I also wonder where the forest service is. I know they have law enforcement people, I see them all the time in the mountains.

  10. As Brigga said “Shameful. As the Monterey County Tourism group spends all that TOT money generated by tourists to PROMOTE our precious jewel, we should be protesting that they set aside money to PROTECT it.” I say….We need to stop saying how disgusting this is and how many tourists are thoughtless people! Saying all this does nothing, We need to take action and go after the organizations that promote tourism and make them accountable! There is not enough enforcement for the amount of people who visit Big Sur.

  11. It’s not illegal to go to the bathroom on National Forest Land. Here is the USFS’s website on it:
    It tells the public how to do it in a way that does not result in piles of TP, runoff into watersheds, and public health hazards. What is happening in Big Sur is the result of overuse by far too many people who either have no clue, or no concern for the place. Dispersed camping is not a low impact recreation when you decide to bring 20 friends, 20 trucks, have illegal bonfires, 4×4 on every open space of land, leave trash, and crap like the people in this video have.
    The BLM has taken steps in places like the Alabama Hills after experiencing the same overuse issues that are happening in Big Sur. It has had a huge positive effect on the land management there. We should all support the Visitor Use Management plan for the Los Padres to take these same steps. (https://www.blm.gov/visit/alabama-hills). Thanks Kate for posting this video and Brendon for filming it.

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