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“I am happy to share the Draft Desired Condition Statements that have been added to the Story Map and are are available for review and comment.  If you have opened this site recently on your computer, you may want to hit refresh. There is now a tab at the top of the page for “Desired Conditions” (third item in from the left) that has the draft desired conditions that apply to the entire project area, below that are links to each of the zones with the draft desired conditions specific to each zone.

Please e-mail your comments to the project e-mail address:

You may also use the “Get Involved” tab to comment on a specific point on the map if you would prefer.

Coastal Zone Visitor Use Management (

Coastal Zone Visitor Use Management – ArcGIS StoryMapsWilderness areas are designated by Congress. According to the Wilderness Act, a Wilderness is “an area of federal land retaining its primeval character and influence, without permanent improvements or human habitation,” where natural ecological processes are supposed to dominate and “where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.”

Thank you for your interest and dedication to this important work. Please feel free to share with your networks.


BTW this important work has been in the planning stages for some time, thanks to Tom Collins and John Eifert (Fin) in particular. Other partners have been involved, in both the public and private sector, but these two are the ones who have been pushing it forward out of the “talking” stage and into the “doing” stages. Thank you both. The USFS has seen the video I posted below, taken by Brendon Shave.

5 thoughts on “Visitor’s Use Management

  1. A big “thank you” to Tom Collins and Tom Eirfert for their efforts and follow-through!

    Kate, you mentioned an attached video taken by Brandon at the end of this post, but I don’t see a video. Are you referring to the Plaskett toilet video?

  2. I hope USFS has realized the seriousness of Brandon’s video.
    Thank you for all you do!

  3. We’ve seen much the same sort of filthy trashiness along some of the trails down to the beaches here. Doesn’t seem to be much done about them, though we don’t get inundated quite as much as you do. Unfortunately it seems to be spreading and increasing. We simply hole up for the summer season and enjoy the beaches once the storms come in to clear out the messes left by the uncivilized a**holes!

    Our local politicians seem far more interested in increased short term rentals than keeping this area the treasure that it has been. 🥴

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