Sunday Photo, 9/11/22

As I was typing the date for today’s photo, I realized I could not post what I had planned. This is a day none of us will forget. So much about that day is so clear and vivid. I had analog tv back in that time via an antenna. I watched the news and cried all day.

So this is the California State Memorial in Clovis. This is my photo for this Sunday. Remember.

The plane struck the tower at 5:46 am PDT, so that is when I put this post up.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Photo, 9/11/22

  1. I can still remember being up early and watching the horror of it all unfold on live TV. There is suffering in this life, but there is another type which we inflict upon one another; what Bob Jesse refers to as “optional suffering”. Praying for peace and an end to this kind of suffering on this day.

  2. The highest technology defeated by the most primitive of tools. Ironic. What have the thousands of tragedies taught us? “The opposite of love is indifference,” as an English poet once pointed out. “The more we generalize about a population, the less we know about any individual in that population,” said Henry Geiger. Ringing a bell for each fatality, placing monuments and flags, speaking the name of each one killed–all of the ceremony serves a purpose, but the true total of actual victims, the deaths that came later as a direct and indirect result, remain anonymous and uncounted, as do the maimed, physically and psychologically. Oddly, perhaps, “Sola Perduta Abbandonata” is playing in the background as I write, yet it may bear little significance–or a lot?

  3. A gasp that took my breath away. Thank you, Kate for posting this and honoring the memory at 5:46am PST.

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