9 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 9/18/2022

  1. For sure Kate. We are starting it get a few drops here in Prunedale and the wind is starting to pick up. Never can get enough of those great pictures.


  2. 6:30 am in Mif Carnel Valley the drops began and the gentle shower lasted most of an hour, refreshing all the leaves and ripening dusty fruit on the trees. Beautiful photos,Kate, from your high perch.


  3. Awesome photos! Hey, I think you might have been hacked. I received an email from you yesterday, there was no photo on it, and it struck me as odd. I hope this doesn’t cause you any hardships!

  4. That blanket of fog in your pictures is so surreal and enticing. I just want to jump into it!
    I’m hoping there is more rain coming…🤞

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