Weather & Road Report, Sun. 9/18/2022

As of 3 pm, I have received 1.20” and Plaskett Road is destroyed. Good thing I don’t have to go anywhere for a while…except the Post Office. I’ll call Andrew on Monday.

Defective signals at Garrapata and at Mal Paso. Traffic is a mess. At Rio Rd, I can’t figure out what this means:

Incident: 00277 Type: Road/Weather Conditions Location: Sr1 / Rio Rd Loc Desc: 1 AT RIO RD Lat/Lon: 36.539340 -121.910241
Detail Information
3:09 PM 2 [2] ^

As could be expected, there are rock slides and other problems on Highway One. The Big Sur crew are out clearing rocks and patrolling. Currently there is a rock slide at Coast Gallery and defective lights at Garrapata changed to traffic hazard on the reporting party says “traffic is a mess.”

I have gotten an inch of rain, and it is unrelenting.

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  1. Garrapata lights (as of 3 pm) were RED in both directions. Until some brave soul gunned across the bridge – so I followed…but SATNDSTILL for a mile in both directions. Hopefully CHP gets on the scene.

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