Prescribed Burn at Andrew Molera is a go

UPDATE: From a reader: “I drove through heading north about 1pm and the burn looked well-contained. 73 degrees and very little wind.”

Photo by Lauren Thompsen
Photo by Pam Cromie
Photo by Pam Cromie

As of 10 am, it is being ignited. I got this report from a friend at River Inn: “Pretty calm here – when I drove down at 7:00 this morning, prescribed burn advisory signs were in place along the highway, and BSF was present near Molera.  Looks like a “go”, Confirmed by BEU. It is taking place. It is to be “only” 90 acres. Besides the usual creating a fire break and preventing more intense fires, the other purpose given by the State Park is: “The project aims to restore the Coastal Prairie Plant Community in Andrew Molera State Park that has diminished due to competition from non-native grasses, encroachment by scrub, and lack of frequent, low intensity fires.”

Photo provided by BEu