Big Sur/South Coast predictions

This is also supported in
high res model hourly precip rates, which highlights the Santa
Lucias as receiving the highest rain rates of up to 0.5-0.6 inches
per hour between 8 am to 5 pm. Weather Prediction Center has also
highlighted the Central Coast south of Monterey Bay as an area
for marginal risk of excessive rainfall today. The aforementioned
forecasted hourly rates are below burn scar debris flow
thresholds, but will continue to monitor closely throughout the
day today. A slight risk for minor localized flooding exists
today, however, especially along HWY 1.
In total for the weekend, projected storm total rainfall
amounts have increased slightly for the Santa Lucias, which are
expected to receive anywhere from 2-5", with locally up to 5.5" at
highest peaks. 

2 thoughts on “Big Sur/South Coast predictions

  1. 12/03/22. 10:28hrs. It hasn’t started again yet this AM in Cayucos. There was .8″ overnight last night.
    I’m surprised the mountain runoff hasn’t been more already.
    It must be more dry than I could have imagined.

  2. It’s been raining steady (not just drizzle) in Carmel at least since 5AM….maybe before that too

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