Photo Sunday

I thought about posting a photo of my infected eyeball, but it made me look like demon seed or something. I was 17 hours and 3 shots to the eyeball in the ER, then back to the eye clinic at Palo Alto every day for most of a week, getting two more shots. (I got the original infection due to a shot in my eye.) I have to go back again frequently to be checked. I am fine, but write this so that you can know why I have been so absent in my presence, so-to-speak. I didn’t always get requested posts up before an event (sorry, Magnus, probably the Health Center, too.) Thank goodness Rock Knocker has been there for me and made it a little easier.

I wasn’t home for the great snow event, but I still saw snow on the distant mountains from the freeways of the South Bay area. Here is one:

And a rainbow in Gilroy

And a shot of Big Creek that Mark Readdie sent me. It was a nice reminder of home.