Photo Sunday

I thought about posting a photo of my infected eyeball, but it made me look like demon seed or something. I was 17 hours and 3 shots to the eyeball in the ER, then back to the eye clinic at Palo Alto every day for most of a week, getting two more shots. (I got the original infection due to a shot in my eye.) I have to go back again frequently to be checked. I am fine, but write this so that you can know why I have been so absent in my presence, so-to-speak. I didn’t always get requested posts up before an event (sorry, Magnus, probably the Health Center, too.) Thank goodness Rock Knocker has been there for me and made it a little easier.

I wasn’t home for the great snow event, but I still saw snow on the distant mountains from the freeways of the South Bay area. Here is one:

And a rainbow in Gilroy

And a shot of Big Creek that Mark Readdie sent me. It was a nice reminder of home.

18 thoughts on “Photo Sunday

  1. My heart has gone out to you . . . and my wishes are sent that the scariest of scary situations for AN EYE of all things – will work out well. My thoughts and prayers are with you . . as you go through this!

  2. I pray for your healing, Kate. Thank you for all the good things that you do.
    You are an amazing blessing to all your followers.

  3. That sounds like quite an ordeal! I hope the treatment resolves the infection and that you can relax and recover at your perch! Happy and healthy holidays, Kate❣️

  4. Healing prayer for a good eye into the New Year and gratitude for all your postings in service of the Big Sur community.

  5. What an ordeal this has been for you. Praying for restoration of your eye and smooth recovery.

  6. Anything is possible when you have the right people there to help you. Thank you Rock Knocker for being the pillar of strength for our dear Kate. Sending healing thoughts and a speedy recovery🙏💚

  7. I can identify. I get a shot in my retina every 5 weeks now. It does not hurt but saves our sight!

  8. Dear Kate,
    This sounds quite scary and intense. My wish for Christmas is to have your eye fully recover and that you are able to be home to rest and enjoy your beautiful home with your doggies and Rock Knocker. Thank you Rock Knocker for taking care of our Kate. Many blessings to you for the New Year from me and all who love you. Hugs.

  9. Kate, I’m so sorry you’ve had all these scary times with your eyes. Could write a tome about how frightening and stressful it is to have eyes affected. And yet you keep your sense of humor and optimism. You’re amazing, you know that!

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