Highway 1 Closure

SUNDAY UPDATE (9 am): #Hwy1 remains CLOSED in both directions from #RaggedPoint to south of #BigSur. Caltrans geo-tech engineers are assessing damage before cleanup. There is no estimated time of reopening. #Hwy1 is OPEN between #Carmel and Big Sur.

The first 3 photos are of Cow Cliffs, just north of Big Creek.

10 thoughts on “Highway 1 Closure

  1. Rocky Point is only accessible from the south. Yesterday KSBY reported that northern closure was at Mud Creek which is South of Gorda. My guess is that northern closure is further north, at least as far north as Anderson Canyon.

  2. Just north of big creek as always been a problem, I remember one riding with my dad in the rock plow and a big rock came down and hit the back of the truck, it put a dent but we kept on going.

  3. Ouch! No kidding. Don’t think I’ll be riding my motorcycle by there any time soon. Beware the “falling rocks sign”.

  4. I heard through through the grapevine that part of the road is now damaged, can someone confirm? Picture? Thanks! Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

  5. I have heard the same, but have not been able to confirm. Given that Caltrans anticipates being able to fully open the road by close of day on Thursday (depending on weather), I suspect if it is, it can’t be too badly damaged.

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