Another storm rolling in…

Our attention turns to the return of wet, unsettled weather after
the holiday weekend. Pattern shift to more zonal flow will allow
for a steady plume of moisture to funnel into northern and central
CA, which will bring widespread rainfall on December 27th. While
exact amounts can still change as we remain 5 days out and there
is still a spread among ensemble members, amounts are looking to
be around 2-3 inches in the North Bay with higher elevations
seeing up to 4 inches. The rest of the Bay Area and Central Coast
seeing potentially 1-2 inches with Santa Cruz Mtns and Santa
Lucias seeing up to 4 inches. Stay tuned as we continue to fine
tune the forecast in the coming days.

And it is most welcome…

2 thoughts on “Another storm rolling in…

  1. Great news! Hopefully the majority of the people should already be to their return destinations after Christmas. Highway 1 will no doubt be closed, either due to the acutal slides or preemptive closures for travelers safety (read as…liability)!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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