Brace yourselves…this is what is coming

These are three of the models predictions for the next 10 days or so, ECMWF (European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts) and GFS (Global Forecast System run by NWS (National Weather Service) and GEM (Global Environmental Multiscale Model). I did not look up CMA or UM. I’ll leave that to you.) The ECMWF is the more robust of the tthree, but under any of these models, we are going to get slammed.

From NWS this morning:

Models have trended to slightly lower QPF totals, and yet when all is said and done by midnight
on Wednesday morning, the highest elevations of the coastal ranges are projected to get 3 to 4 inches with locally up to 5 inches.

3 thoughts on “Brace yourselves…this is what is coming

  1. Kate,
    Thanks for the update, it seems all weather models agree here. Damage has been very minimal from the Colorado Fire have started to get some growth from last years rain.
    Happy New Year and as always, thanks for all you do.

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