“In the age of social media, where landscapes have become backdrops for ‘likes’, a broader understanding of the ecology at work behind beautiful scenery is often neglected, which is why visitors overlook the damage they are doing.

‘There is something missing there, in understanding that this is a natural ecosystem,’ Fraga said. ‘It’s not just the poppies – it is the pollinators, and the soil microbes, and a network of biological life that requires an ethic of care for nature.

‘It is not just for pulling likes and clicks and endorphins,’ she added. ‘If an educational voice can be a louder voice than the influencers, that could do a lot of good.’” https://apple.news/ACEzRDZ53QQa-RQizYQBa-w

7 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. Great quote, Kate. Unfortunate that APPLE NEWS gets to pat itself on the back while contributing heavily to the “likes” culture.


  2. Paying one monthly subscription to Apple News in order to get The Guardian (this article), The New Yorker, and other marvelous news sources is worth the access to some exquisite writing and excellent news articles, IMHO. Did you read the article?

  3. A world
    Without social media would be a lot nicer place to live and explore. Drop out !

  4. By and large, people are disconnected from their own bodies as being fragile living ecosystems. Disconnect is a deep problem for our species which views its mind as separate from its body.

  5. I know this is a bit outside of the Big Sur area but I was exploring some glyph sites in the Mojave Desert. We were hiking a canyon/ cave complex. There was some mosses at our feet. The researchers told me they were over 1000 years old. They were less than an inch tall but still lived through sun and flood for 10 centuries!

  6. “To a God Unknown.” John Steinbeck book. Drove my sis up there in 1959 in a 1929 Model A Ford.
    Pictographs in Monterey County. Location at that time was on HLMR. Nothing was touched. Respect is learned trait.
    The Army blew up an old homestead adobe at the very top of Pine Canyon during 2 week national guard practice circa 1962. Left all sorts of linked 7.62 light machine gun ammo in the ruins. AP’s & tracers. Not alotta respect.

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