8 thoughts on “Snow Pics, 2/23/23

  1. I especially like the last photo, with the brilliant green at the lower elevations transitioning into the snow-dusted heights.

  2. Stunning photos! What a surprise waking up this morning in CV village to see our peaks with snow for the first time in my memory:. Hawks Ridge, above the meadow, has accumulated snowfall. Reminds me of looking out my NYC bedroom window as a child and the amazement I felt (still feel) at our beautiful, bedazzling, unpredictable world.

  3. We even got a dusting on the Mendocino Coast at sea level! Wish I could upload my photos.

  4. Snow has a way of bringing excitement to people in it’s sheer beauty, and peacefulness with lying it’s blanket on everything. My mother & I would go out and take walks in it no matter what time it was (we’re night people) & everything was still and quiet all around us.

  5. Does anyone have a photo of Cone Peak from this morning? I am in Morro Bay and would love to see that beautiful peak with snow on it…Thank you in advance. 🙂

  6. Thanks to everyone for sharing such amazing shots! It’s a Winter Wonderland! Shout out to Kenny – looking forward to there being a road again someday to your rock pile.

  7. Icing on the cake is so sweet. Thank you to all for the beautiful photos, such a treat.

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