6 thoughts on “Big Sur: South Coast Version, More photos, 3/15/23

  1. Not to be throwing mud yet..my view is this . CalTrans and they’re associated subcontractors are unskilled and unenthusiastic about getting more pro. Its about when is the day ending and when our next vacation. The old pros have hung up their shovels and are making chiropractors richer. Skill and good judgement take decades to grasp..meanwhile take a walk along hwy 1 sometime, & look over the details. You be the judge. Our DMV fees compared to Oregon & Washington are huge..yet both those states keep their roads, bridges, signage, lighting in top shape. This isn’t merely bout heavy rains, its about quality control, & skill level.

  2. I had the same thought as above. Why are so many sections of roads failing? It can’t just be rain. My fear is what other parts of the road are built poorly? How long will it take to (properly) rebuild them? This is devastating.

  3. Thanks Kate, the photos are so helpful in grasping what’s going on.

  4. Both lanes closed overnite slide 6 mi north of esalen. Slide. I’ll submit photos 🤪

  5. The highway will be so changed and perhaps unrecognizable in some places when I visit next. (Tzila here, in Texas)

  6. My statement didn’t fairly take in to account this. In order to become highly skilled we need highly skilled instruction. From the engineer, surveyor, explosive expert, heavy equip.operator, shovel soldier, sweeper, traffic flagger. Yet who’s going to be that skilled as the masters retire? And I haven t surveyed each worker so how can I be throwing out comments regards to who’s thinking what. Maybe the majority of contractors and CalTrans are kicking ass & punching in enthusiastically, giving they’re 100% heart & soul & loads of time at the chiropractor. I can’t say I know. I was responding from impatience, disappointment and yes, being overly critical. From a more rational point , my hunch is – as slides occur, that terrain becomes steeper. The slide out material doesn’t get placed back & attached. So every wash out creates a greater likelihood of more ..gravity is always going to be the dominate factor

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