6 thoughts on “Another Slide on Highway One

  1. There might be some decent garden soil in that pile. Color looks good.

  2. Droll comment, Walt 😉
    We’re trying to prevent a horrific plan to widen/straighten our incredibly scenic section of Hwy 1 up in Albion (Mendocino Coast). Caltrans only changed the focus of this plan to “safety” because their original plans would have required an EIR! If we can’t stop them, they’ll be making 60-70’ high cuts in the hillsides and soon, we’ll be sharing your fate in Big Sur 🙁
    So sorry for all everyone’s been dealing with there. My little place up Murray Grade in Palo Colorado survived the fires but friends up and down the road and Hwy 1 were less fortunate. Now, these incredible slides … my heart f goes out to all 🤗

  3. eh, sorry to disappoint Walt, miserable soil there and not much of it. however the rock is beautiful ! good shapes for wall-building and LOTS of it !

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