Stormy Tuesday

9:30 am — Just checking in. Hoping everyone is able to stay home and off the roads today as weather predictions for today are rather startling. Here is is windy, but I’ve seen worse. It is raining and the amounts expected to drop on the Big Sur Coast went from 2-3 inches yesterday morning to now 6-7 inches in the Santa Lucias. My satellite goes in and out in this weather, occasionally, so I might not be able to get online to answer questions or respond to comments. I have a nice fire going, two good dogs at my feet and my backup genie charged my solar batteries this am, so I am in good shape. I hope you are as well.

11 thoughts on “Stormy Tuesday

  1. From 2500 miles away, glad to hear that you are safe and in good shape so far!

  2. All Good down here so far. Happy you are doing well up there on your mountain Kate with your two great doggies by your feet and a warm fire. Happy Spring fingers crossed this is the last storm of the season. Hugs. Pam

  3. Kate, love your posts, and friendship, always checking in with the neighbors like you do. You provide such an invaluable service, you know that I know.
    Those pics of the road damage were very illuminating, what a horrible mess. Wondering if a two wheel off-road trail motor bike would be a better way to get to town. You wouldn’t need the whole width of the road to get by.

  4. Kate,
    Thanks and stay dry!! Not too bad here in Prunedale. Rain and wind on and off.

  5. We love you..admire your work & deeply respect & care for you..may your kindling pile always keep dry🎈

  6. Rain began last night here in the desert where we measure in drops rather than inches, but today is rare and wet!

  7. Glad to know of your level of contentment and awareness this morning, Kate. Watching the weather unfold today; it looks like about 24 hours until Spring!

  8. I follow your posts because my heart still remains in Big Sir from childhood! Currently we live in Arizona, and the same storm hitting you is wallowing us at the same time! HUGE SYSTEM!!! Stay safe everyone between hither and yon!

  9. May every one be safe…Once again Mother Nature shows us her ability to evolve… “Men will live… men will die… Only Earth, Abides…”

  10. Stay safe everyone and stay off the roads! Keep that fire going, Kate and give your pups a hug from me 🤗💕

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