7 thoughts on “High winds about to blast Monterey Peninsula

  1. The “Fujiwara Effect” … two low pressure systems swirling off the coast.

  2. The winds are here, along with lashing rain. Just hanging out at Pt Pinos seeing lighting strikes over the water and gulls flying backwards.

  3. Condolences, Susan, for the loss of the tree. We’ve lost two since these systems began December 26th – it’s a real gut punch. But with death comes new life – an elderberry (sambucus mexicana) replaced one and is already taking, and a Lisbon lemon in the other hole as now there is enough sun for citrus. May you find a new tree to nourish 🙏

  4. Todays world is so saturated in & highly depended upon the potential for drama..that lead to NOAA over dramatizing what ‘might be’ In the last 24 hrs. im guessing zero winds exceeded 35 mph…around the mouth of Carmel Valley- River mouth. And that was during a tight 2.5 hours..though In may have missed some during a good nights sleep. Wondering what kinda #’s got recorded at other points. It would be a shame to see government NOAA ( weather predicting)slighting on aboard this Hollywood style of characterizing modest numbers dramatically merely to jump onto society’s addiction for sensationalizing

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