Tourist Tuesdays, 4/10/18

Noon, from a Highlands Neighbor:

”I called Christine Poe around 9:30 and was transferred to her after a short wait. She was very understanding of the frustration we are all experiencing in getting through the Rio Road/Hwy. 1 intersection. I mainly spoke with her regarding the safety issues of having that intersection blocked if there an emergency, the possible impatience of a driver deciding to pass other vehicles, and the lack of well timed traffic lights. She did tell me that engineers were scheduled to be at the site today to discuss the traffic situation and she would add my safety concerns to their discussion. She also suggested having Highway Patrol there to control traffic in person might alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, the CHP site notes that they do not have the man power to do so.”

6:30 am – With the road work at Rio Rd. to last through the summer, this will be the 3d summer in a row where local Big Sur businesses face challenges. Patience will be required, and weekend trips to town will be curtailed. Three big events are scheduled during this construction project: Big Sur Marathon, Sea Otter Classic, and Amgen. The Concours is scheduled for the end of August. Any bets on whether the construction will be finished in time?

I am taking this day off from Tourists and Tourism and enjoying the spring weather and planning for gardening projects. I need grounding and balance.

Amgen Tour


CENTRAL COAST – Stages Three and Four of The Amgen Bicycle Tour will move through Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties this month in the following locations:
On Tuesday, May 17, the cyclists will travel west on State Route 150 and State Route 192 in Santa Barbara County completing their ride on Gibraltar Road. The cyclists will begin at 11 am.
On Wednesday, May 18, the cyclists will travel north on State Route 1 from Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo County to the Carmel area in Monterey County. The cyclists will begin at 10 am.
The CHP will oversee these rolling highway closures for this event. Caltrans will post electronic message signs and assist with traffic control so motorists are aware of the cyclists and support vehicles. The public may learn more about this event at:


For those of you who missed it, Amgen has announced the route for the 2014 race, and it comes back to the coast.

The race will be May 11-18th. The Fourth leg of the race begins in Monterey, and ends in Cambria.

I’m guessing the fourth stage will be May 14th, just before I need to leave for SFO. I’m hoping, anyway.