Current & Immediate Future of Highway One, 1/26/12

Ben Grasmuck, resident CHP officer sent me this, this morning:

“Good morning. I’m at the GSB trailer and just talked to John Matteuchi. They are going to work all weekend and if everything works “perfectly” the road will be open on Monday. They have to build a dirt platform in the roadway and park the crane on it to rehang the netting. We can’t even get an emergency vehicle through without an hour delay.
Yesterday, the scalers were rolling boulders down the hill and said they cannot declare the road safe until the netting is rehung.


I got this from Cal-Trans yesterday:

“We made some progress on the hillside today but there is still a lot of
loose material on top that could fall onto the roadway. We should have an
estimate of opening by tomorrow or Friday. I would characterize this slide
as a medium scale event, not short-term but not long-term either.

Thanks for your support and outreach efforts, we really appreciate it.

Colin Jones
Public Affairs Manager
Caltrans District 5
(805) 549-3189

So, I am outta the prediction business, at least when it comes to mother nature and the road!