Storm Watch, 4/8/09

9:00 am – The Herald is reporting the road expected to open by mid-day. Cal-Trans is predicting one lane open by about 1 pm. Stay tuned for further updates, as they become available. And the photo, when the internet fairies allow.

car-in-culvert2I do not know who provided these, it may have been Rene, but I would like to give credit to the photographer. Here is one of Highway One:


8:00 am – I received an additional 1/2 in. overnight, for the storm, 1.25″, for the season, 33.75″

Here is a shot taken by Rene Robles of the parking lot at the Big Sur Lodge late yesterday afternoon. Be patient with me, if it takes a while to get it uploaded. Well, I will get it loaded when I can. In the meantime, there is an article in today’s Herald about last night’s closure. There is also an article about the fugitive who shot himself in Big Sur a few days ago. The mudslide article is at:

5:00 am – it continues to rain, heavy at times. While CHP is not reporting the closure, anymore, I cannot imagine that it opened during the night, given conditions. Often times, old incidents will drop off their website. There were unconfirmed reports that one lane was open for a time, last night around 9:30 pm. Will report more, when I know more.