Storm Watch, 4/8/09

9:00 am – The Herald is reporting the road expected to open by mid-day. Cal-Trans is predicting one lane open by about 1 pm. Stay tuned for further updates, as they become available. And the photo, when the internet fairies allow.

car-in-culvert2I do not know who provided these, it may have been Rene, but I would like to give credit to the photographer. Here is one of Highway One:


8:00 am – I received an additional 1/2 in. overnight, for the storm, 1.25″, for the season, 33.75″

Here is a shot taken by Rene Robles of the parking lot at the Big Sur Lodge late yesterday afternoon. Be patient with me, if it takes a while to get it uploaded. Well, I will get it loaded when I can. In the meantime, there is an article in today’s Herald about last night’s closure. There is also an article about the fugitive who shot himself in Big Sur a few days ago. The mudslide article is at:

5:00 am – it continues to rain, heavy at times. While CHP is not reporting the closure, anymore, I cannot imagine that it opened during the night, given conditions. Often times, old incidents will drop off their website. There were unconfirmed reports that one lane was open for a time, last night around 9:30 pm. Will report more, when I know more.

3 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 4/8/09

  1. If that is highway 1 and there’s that large of a part of a tree trunk in the road…this was a big, strong, flow!! Good luck to you all. Mother Nature carries on….

  2. YIKES That is one mucky mess! I remember the huge mud flows that took out the original post office way back when. This looks much better than the past. We were glad to hear on the news that nobody was hurt. It looks like that poor car won’t ever run again. Kate feel better soon. }}}HUG{{{

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