Cal-Trans News Release & Report from the locals

Ah, Mother Nature. How much we love you!! Just when we get complacent that the storms are over and Big Sur sur-vived, as only she can, you come along and remind us — of your awesome power — and incredible sense of humor!! Wild and colorful displays for us, along with 80 degree weather one day, and cold, heavy rains and mud slides the next. Yes, dear lady, you are one grande dame. We honor and respect you here in your turbulent arms!

From my friend, Debbie, in the valley:

“Well, lots of digging out going on.  Just heard on the scanner they are going to try a escort a few cars through the park entrance area a few at a time on a need basis.  Jo-Ann just left here to try to get to her office.  She had to leave her car last night and wade through the day use road to get home.  Quite a mess.  Juan Higuera overflowed the culvert and brought debris down my driveway again.  I was here and the guys kept going to check on it.  Dogs fine and barking at them at the time.  I went home, no problem.  Basil hoe’d out rock from the culvert and all is flowing fine again.  River was never an issue.  Just raised up a bit and is the dark stinky muddy thing it has been all winter during storms.  I spoke with Debra briefly earlier, they are closing the Lodge tonight because they have to close the sewer plant – really don’t know what that story is.”

Cal-Trans News Release:

“MONTEREY COUNTY – Highway 1 reopened with one-way reversing traffic control with flaggers at 11:30am today after closing yesterday at 6pm due to heavy mud slide activity for four miles from south of Ventana to north of the Big Sur Park (Campgrounds), Caltrans officials have announced.

Maintenance crews will continue working in the area to clear any debris and get the highway fully open. Up to 30-minute delays can be expected and motorists should proceed with caution. Updates will be available as conditions change.”

And if you haven’t seen the photos (still trying to find out the name of the photographer) in the post below, take a look!

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