Fourth of July Wildfire in Big Sur

UPDATE 10:30 am – apparently, this was quite small, and handled by the CHP, but fire responded to make sure it was out, and no flare-ups. BTW, if I don’t do an update within 1/2 hour on any fire in Big Sur, you may infer that I haven’t been able to get back to my blog. In that instance, please check the comments for updates by those in the know, like Jon Knight of the BSVFB, who is very good about providing information. Thanks, Jon.

10:00 am – started around 9:30. Don’t know which side of road, but west side doesn’t have a lot of fuel after the Pfeiffer Fire. I’m sure it is giving people there flashbacks.

From WildCAD – 07/04/2015 09:33 LPF-1882
Waddle Wildfire Hwy 1 just N of Sycamore Canyon . E18LPF Mackey Effective 09:34 . . 36.238 x 121.782

Fourth of July Weekend has begun

Yes, I know, it is only Tuesday. Yes, I know, we have a 3-day weekend coming up, but based on what I witnessed today, it looks as if the weekend began a bit early.

As of this evening, around 7 pm, Kirk Creek Campground is full. Plaskett was almost full, and I suspect it will be by tomorrow. Frankly, I did not notice the Big Sur State Park. I did not even think to look, it being so early in the week. The other thing I noticed both yesterday and today, is that the gates to Limekiln State Park were open. it will “officially” open on Friday, July 2nd, but I imagine it will be full by then. No camping on the beach, as the bridge is still out, but the campground and redwood trails are open.

Also, the idiots are on the highway. Sorry, but there is no other word for them. The shoulder/pull-out at Rocky Creek was full, so, this car, an obvious idiot, just stopped on the highway. Never mind that there were four cars behind it speeding along at 55 mph. Sudden stops in the middle of the road are just plain idiotic. No one would even THINK of doing that on the freeways, but here? Oh, I know, the view is breath taking. But think about taking that next breath through a tube, or with a respirator, or other medical contraption to keep you alive. Just think. Please. The life you save might be MINE!

I have it on good authority that local patrols in the LPNF, at least here on the South Coast, will be stepped up in anticipation of this crazy weekend. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I, too, will be out and about, probably several times. With my camera. Do something stupid, and you, too, could end up on my blog – memorialized for an eternity in cyberspace.

Oh, and the other great news? The two fire “rings” I featured in my “How NOT to build a campfire” article, are gone! I love you guys, as much as my dogs! Okay, let’s be real. Almost as much!

But what is a post without a photo? Trouble is, I was too busy trying to get home before dark to unload a fully packed Jeep, while at the same time, trying not to run over any idiots. But my friend Martha Diehl sent me a lovely summer roadside bouquet to brighten my day, and I’m going to pass it on, even though she doesn’t know! (She can flog me later.) Photo coming, when internet allows.