Fourth of July Wildfire in Big Sur

UPDATE 10:30 am – apparently, this was quite small, and handled by the CHP, but fire responded to make sure it was out, and no flare-ups. BTW, if I don’t do an update within 1/2 hour on any fire in Big Sur, you may infer that I haven’t been able to get back to my blog. In that instance, please check the comments for updates by those in the know, like Jon Knight of the BSVFB, who is very good about providing information. Thanks, Jon.

10:00 am – started around 9:30. Don’t know which side of road, but west side doesn’t have a lot of fuel after the Pfeiffer Fire. I’m sure it is giving people there flashbacks.

From WildCAD – 07/04/2015 09:33 LPF-1882
Waddle Wildfire Hwy 1 just N of Sycamore Canyon . E18LPF Mackey Effective 09:34 . . 36.238 x 121.782

4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Wildfire in Big Sur

  1. It is not a wildfire. It was a straw waddle (the straw tubes used for containing differ and such) that was smoldering. About 1′ x 3′. CHP was able to extinguish with fire extinguisher. Cause unknown.

  2. So glad to read this turned into naught. Whew.
    Let us hope for a fireless fourth, except what’s lit for tri-tip and wild boar and fat back and bacon and sparklers at the ocean shore.

  3. Saw what looked like a fire miles south of Grimes Pt around 7:30 pm. Saw column of smoke from near sea level, then later orange from sea level extending up the hill. I was observing from sea level just south of Coastlands Ranch.

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