Missing Big Sur Man

Update 6/19 at 8:30 pm. Wayne is safe, and uninjured, thank goodness. His family and friends want to thank the South Coast community for all their help and support.

Update 6/19: rumors are flying, most of them not true. I’ve had contact with Jenny, Janine, and Richard directly. The Mill Creek drainage and trails have been thoroughly searched from the Highway to South Coast Ridge Rd.

Wayne Hyland, a longtime Big Sur resident who lives at Rancho Rico, has gone missing. His family is very worried. His sister, Chris, asked me to post this. He was at his brother’s house on Apple Pie Ridge on Saturday evening, was seen driving off, and has not been seen since. On Monday, his car was found about a mile up Nacimiento Rd., locked. Wayne has a long-standing reputation in the Big Sur community of being kind and gentle, and knows these hills and how to survive out here well.

His family and friends have been down here searching since Sunday, and his sister was staying at Kirk Creek Campground while the search continues. She went to the USFS Pacific Valley Station to report this late this afternoon. I am trying to find a recent photograph I can post. Please keep your eyes and ears open, and lets hope he is found safe and sound. If you have any information, please contact his family members, Richard Mole, or me, and I will get a hold of family members.