Dispersed Camping on Nacimiento Rd to be banned

The paperwork has been completed to ban dispersed camping along Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. It is currently out of the district for review before it comes back for signature. We won’t know for sure how long it will be banned until the order comes back into the district. It is not in effect until signed, but it is a very good step.

Guests who don’t know better

These two shots were taken yesterday by Tony Shelfo. He stopped and talked to the one couple. Yes,  that is the spot of the Fergusson Fire last week. And yes, they were setting up camp on a road upon which camping is not allowed. On the other, we need to send ALL smokers to the military where they will be taught to field stip their cigarette butts and pocket the filters.



It is a very difficult situation. We – those of us who live here – have been on high alert for fires, floods, road closures, etc. for coming up on a year. Temperatures are unbelievable (90 inside my house as I type this at 8 pm last night) and tempers always flare with the heat. It is exhausting to live in this state, worried about the next careless, clueless, or uncaring visitor to come along. Just planning and executing a town run for supplies is exhausting. Add to it, the tension of knowing our world is basically “cut off” and yet visitors are coming here thinking that the rules or even that the need for rules does not apply to them. There is a complete and utter disconnect between some of our visitors and any consciousness at all as to what we have been thru and what we are going through. It is hard, if not impossible, to welcome visitors right now. We are too fragile, the land is too fragile, and our visitors are so uncaring in the general.

Some of you will read this and will honor what I have written and will trod gently and be mindful. Others will come here in a big truck pulling an even bigger trailer going down Nacimiento putting others and yourself in danger, as Tony experienced yesterday,  completely careless, clueless, and uncaring, about anyone but yourself. The sad thing is, you will not even be aware of what you are doing, and why we won’t welcome you. I can only hope you don’t damage us, this land, or even yourself. May Big Sur work its spiritual magic on you causing you to WAKE UP from your mindless sleep before you further damage her.

Missing Big Sur Man

Update 6/19 at 8:30 pm. Wayne is safe, and uninjured, thank goodness. His family and friends want to thank the South Coast community for all their help and support.

Update 6/19: rumors are flying, most of them not true. I’ve had contact with Jenny, Janine, and Richard directly. The Mill Creek drainage and trails have been thoroughly searched from the Highway to South Coast Ridge Rd.

Wayne Hyland, a longtime Big Sur resident who lives at Rancho Rico, has gone missing. His family is very worried. His sister, Chris, asked me to post this. He was at his brother’s house on Apple Pie Ridge on Saturday evening, was seen driving off, and has not been seen since. On Monday, his car was found about a mile up Nacimiento Rd., locked. Wayne has a long-standing reputation in the Big Sur community of being kind and gentle, and knows these hills and how to survive out here well.

His family and friends have been down here searching since Sunday, and his sister was staying at Kirk Creek Campground while the search continues. She went to the USFS Pacific Valley Station to report this late this afternoon. I am trying to find a recent photograph I can post. Please keep your eyes and ears open, and lets hope he is found safe and sound. If you have any information, please contact his family members, Richard Mole, or me, and I will get a hold of family members.


Road Updates

Training exercises are going on at Ft. Hunter Leggett, so Nacimiento is closed for up to an hour at a time, random days and times, on the East side of Big Sur, where the base and USFS borders join and on the eastern side of the base at Nacimiento and Mission Rd. this is in effect now until March 9th.

On Rocky Creek, overnight closures are complicated, but not total. Sunday, March 3rd thru Wednesday, March 6th, there will be 10 minute closures from 9 pm to 11 pm, then 1/2 hour closures from 11 pm to 7am. Thursday, March 7th there will be a hard closure from 10 pm until 7 am Friday morning.

Okay, got that now?

BTW, some technical difficulties of an unknown source. I am not getting ANY emails on my iPad, from home or abroad. I am still getting them on my iPhone, though. I am having trouble with sundry other apps on my iPad, but not all, and some I can’t get at home, I get while abroad on the coast. More troubleshooting is in order, I guess! If I can’t figure it out, I guess I’ll have to take my iPad in to Verizon or Apple. I love technology!

After a day and a half of that, for some bizzare reason, I am now getting emails on my iPad, again. Who knows what happened?