Road Updates

Training exercises are going on at Ft. Hunter Leggett, so Nacimiento is closed for up to an hour at a time, random days and times, on the East side of Big Sur, where the base and USFS borders join and on the eastern side of the base at Nacimiento and Mission Rd. this is in effect now until March 9th.

On Rocky Creek, overnight closures are complicated, but not total. Sunday, March 3rd thru Wednesday, March 6th, there will be 10 minute closures from 9 pm to 11 pm, then 1/2 hour closures from 11 pm to 7am. Thursday, March 7th there will be a hard closure from 10 pm until 7 am Friday morning.

Okay, got that now?

BTW, some technical difficulties of an unknown source. I am not getting ANY emails on my iPad, from home or abroad. I am still getting them on my iPhone, though. I am having trouble with sundry other apps on my iPad, but not all, and some I can’t get at home, I get while abroad on the coast. More troubleshooting is in order, I guess! If I can’t figure it out, I guess I’ll have to take my iPad in to Verizon or Apple. I love technology!

After a day and a half of that, for some bizzare reason, I am now getting emails on my iPad, again. Who knows what happened?

3 thoughts on “Road Updates

  1. I love that cell is outside “there” service area in my neck of the sur Coast to Coast

  2. The road closures (and your machinery) are confusing, I’m thinking go midday or don’t go, expect anything, and don’t try to call Kate or maybe go whenever and call whenever and expect the most. You have an amazing apptitude for technology and I am filled with admiring.

  3. my ipad is doing the same. I have the first gen ipad so At&T for celll service and wifi by router from Charter. Suddenly e-mails only appearing on my desk top computer..then e- mails a few days later appear on the ipad. Off and on occurance. Sometimes e-mail if looked at on computer first will never make it to the ipad. Cambria is still in the dinosaur age.

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