Missy, the mystery dog, part 4

Finally had the first dog fight. The first time I left Missy home alone, I put her in the bedroom, the two alphas in the living room, and the other two outside, which is the usual. That worked well. The second time I left them home, I let Missy and the alphas, have the run of the house together. That worked, too. The third time I left them at home, I did the same. This time, it didn’t work, so I’ll be separating them, again.

Nothing seemed to have happened while I was gone, but when I got home, to be greeted by three excited dogs, Dakota, the alpha female attacked Missy. It looked and sounded quite serious. I was frantic, trying to break it off, for what seemed like ages, but was only a few seconds. Missy got away, and was running away, with Dakota following. I called Missy back, yelled at Dakota, and Missy came to me to stay by my side. I got her inside separate from Dakota, and checked her all over for blood, bite marks, anything. She was good. Not a mark on her, so Dakota never tried to hurt her, just teach her a lesson. It looked and sounded so very real, I was surprised!

Later, after thoroughly chastising Dakota, I spent time and attention on her, and then time and attention on Missy. Then time and attention on both of them together, as they cautiously eyed each other. But separating them, if I can’t take Missy, will be the way to go. I can meet and greet Gideon and Dakota together – no problems with them – let them out, then meet and greet Missy, and then let her out.

That evening, Missy could not go out to relieve herself, so I resigned myself to having an accident or two to clean up in the morning. Couldn’t be helped, and she is NOT making a habit of it. No “accidents” if she has enough outside time!

That night, all my fur kids settled into their beds or places, and it was peaceful … That was after one of the cats thought it would be fun to tease them. I put the two cats outside, and mixed myself a drink.

9 thoughts on “Missy, the mystery dog, part 4

  1. oh boy, this sounds like our house. Alphas, non alphas, the whole works. It sounded like you did well and I hope Missy does well, she’s a dear and Dakota knows that! LOL too!

  2. Sounds like a whole lotta action on your peacefull preserve! They are all figuring it out . Dakota is such a great dog though. I can see her trying to teach Missy a lesson!

  3. Sounds very familiar. I know how it can seem like their ripping each other apart & have nothing to show for it. Gus (55lb. Border Collie, McNab cross) & Cougar (125 lb. Mastiff) got into it & Jim tried to break it up & got a nasty bite in the back of his calf muscle. Needed antibiotics to clear it up. I then started taking them for long walks to teach them that (I) was in fact the Leader of this pack. So off we would go, the 3 dogs & I & also took a walking stick which became a great eqalizer. Never had to use it & never had another problem. Don’t try to break them up without a broom or cane to put in between them as the bites are very serious & painful. Good Luck on your doggie journey!!

  4. This has such a Hemingway sound to it, you know the part in For Whom the Bell Tolls when Gary Cooper confronts the Alpha Spaniard who runs the revolutionaries, their 2 women are there, and there is talk muscle and explosives…then Kate ends with, Salut! and a drink. We think we are bringing animals into our system, they also bring us into theirs.
    Yes, something in between the doggies. If you can drop a sheet or towel or rug over one and they can’t see each other for a second you can turn them around. The little comedy routine with the cats, very funny, how they dislike exclusion.
    What moved me to near tears was that Missy came back when you called. Good work, mom.

  5. Hi Kate,
    Terrierman.com has an interesting article on how to stop a dog fight, here:

    Fortunately, I have never had to try this out, but it’s nice to know. Terrierman’s site and blog are a wealth of information.

    I wonder if Missy’s previous owner was possibly in a traffic accident, maybe in a hospital, or passed away? When a friend was in an accident, his dog escaped and ran to the top of the nearest hill, where he was found and returned by way of implanted chip. But his dog’s reactions were similar to Missy’s, top of the hill, made friends with a dog owner, being afraid to get in the car, etc. Just a thought.


  6. Sorry about the fight. That can be unsettling. I’m glad Missy is alright and that Dakota seemed to be just telling her to back off. Once in awhile I have a tiff erupt, here, but evryone seems to recall who the “top dog” is, really quick.

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