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Kelly O’Brien’s firelane blog is changing direction, as are we all, from suppression to prevention. This is an important conversation in which we all need to be involved, in whatever way we can. Jack Ellwanger of Pelican Network is also becoming very involved with this process, as is Don McQueen, according to Jack.

One way I can assist, is to locate good, reputable information to assist in the fascillitation of this conversation. I continually add information to the CWPP page as I find it, or am provided with it. There is a lot of information out there to assist us, models, plans, etc. But there is also money available to assist in this process. We do not need to create this plan alone. We have a lot of available help. What we need now, IMHO, is the science specific to our particular location to support what will work for us. One thing this fire taught us, is that we on the South Coast, those on the North Coast, our neighbors in Cachuaga, Jamesburg, and Arroyo Seco on the east, are all connected by the vast LPNF and the Ventana Wilderness. It is “our” backyard — all of ours, and we need to do something to get it “cleaned-up” sort to speak. We all have talents and skills that we can add to this endeavor. We can’t all commit to a 2-3 year project, but we might be able to bring a single thread to this interwoven tapestry. With enough threads, the piece that results is strong, useful, and beautiful, as well.

Anyway, I urge you to check my CWPP often for information and ways to educate yourselves, so that we may offer our varied and fascinating views.

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  1. Yes indeed we ALL need to be involved.

    We had another fire 1/8th mile from our house, yesterday 08/02/08. It was located down near the old David Avenue school on the Pebble Beach side of the forest (this is the 3rd fire right near us since the fire season started).

    The fire crews were right on top of it and flying low over our home (scared the hell out of me). I was in panic mode knowing all too well that a fire right below us with nort westrly winds would spell diaster in just a few minutes.

    While my husband stood out gawking with his camera, I was inside trying to round up all the cats into their carriers, pack photos, important paperwork and meds, things we must have and clothing. I forgot many things and didn’t realize untill we pulled out of the driveway and were several blocks from here that I had missed.

    One was my purse/backpack. The other was our file of birth documents and medical records. Not knowing where we would be able to go back or not, we headed down to the golf course where my husband if the field supervisor.

    Now I think I know how those folks felt when given only 10 minutes to leave felt.

    It seems it only burnt 1/4 acre from what KION reported at the 11:pm news, and was 100% contained in one hours time. After walking down there today, i’d say it was more like one acre burnt and ver close to a couple of homes.

    One must wonder how and why our fire was out in one hour, but the Coast Gallery/Basin Complex was allowed to burn? Both areas would directly affect lives. Maybe Pebble Beach gets some sort of priority?

    My gut reaction of fire in general is… FEAR

  2. OH and before I forget, after the teribble fires in the Berkely Hills many years back… they addopted a fire prevention plan. It would be interesting to see how theirs works?

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