4 thoughts on “Classic Big Sur

  1. Beautiful, Kate. My daughter, Lucy, and I had the most wonderful time in your part of the world this week. It is so important that she be able to share at least a few of the things that make the central coast such an amazing and real place to live, even though we – tragically – can’t wake up here every day anymore! This fire seemed to come at a time when it was necessary to strengthen the critical aspects of what it means to live on the central CA coast. It seems to have done that.

  2. Still breathtaking after 57yrs. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture with us Kate.

    I also love your header picture.

  3. Just out of curiosity, when one lives in such a beautiful place, where does one go for a vacation? The back yard, perhaps? I’m kidding. Thanks for the nice photo. It’s good to see Big Sur sans fire.

  4. Ha, ha … well, last year, I went to Provence to visit a girlfriend who had moved there and fell in love with the South of France. This year, I went to the Amazon and Lake Titicaca, and fell in love w/ the people (and the Amazon, not so much Lake Titicaca, as I got altitude sickness) and next year, I go to Morocco and Greece. But I still haven’t found any place quite a beautiful as my home. I do like experiencing different cultures, though.

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