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Reflections in my Soul, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

OMG, it is HEAVILY snowing!! My deck is already covered with 1/2 an inch or more!! Photos by morning!! 

The snow is still on the ground, but the snow did not continue, and  my footprints still show. Tonight, KCOY out of Santa Maria is reporting snow levels down to 3K ft. tonight. (Duh) but down to 1K feet tomorrow night. I did check our local forecast discussion, and they have not changed earlier reports by much.

So, it is definitely an interesting storm. Keep it in perspective, though. When I think I am cold, I hear reports of minus 27 on the East Coast. THAT is cold!!

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  1. Just finished my drive commute that covered the whole stretch from Pacific Valley, and I went through the works! Rain, hail, lightning, and oh, all those boulders and stuff on the road. It was a real slalom course. But, the road has been in amazingly good shape considering the weather. A lot of credit goes to The CALTRANS guys. Thanks Richard, Mike, Paul, and the crew…you keep that road lookin’ like a ballroom floor!

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