Fire and Ice


California’s White Christma, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

As promised, here is today’s view. A white Christmas all over California. You realize that the only way to get to SoCal is the 101, right? Everything is snowed in and freezing temperatures are expected in much of California. Naturally, the 101 freeway is packed!

Only two months ago, I was photographing fire on this mountain. Thus, the title of this post – Fire and Ice.

Hey, did anyone notice the Big Sur River webcam is offline due to a power outage? Is this the same outage that started yesterday afternoon around 1? Or is this a new one? Nepenthe’s webcam seems to be working. Hmmm…too late (11:30 pm) to get any additional. Hopefully, everything will be up by morning.

Remember, be safe, extremely cold temperatures are expected tonight and it is only 24 degrees on Chew’s Ridge, right now.

One thought on “Fire and Ice

  1. Soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Also I didn’t know there was a Big Sur River webcam? If you have the link, we’d love to have it.

    The kids are heading down this way today. May or may not be staying the night, but either way they will be dropping down your way. Warn everyone! LOL 😉

    Happy Holidays Kate 🙂

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