Winter Watch, 12/17/08

3:00 pm – Revision. I do have a good shot of the snow-covered slopes of Cone Peak taken today that I will upload sometime this afternoon or evening.

NOON – Crisp, clear, and clean describes this morning. Even though the sun is out, the snow is slow to melt in some areas. My dog ate the internal antenna for my cellular booster, making internet very slow. A replacement should be here tomorrow or Friday. In the meantime, I am a little behind on work. Enjoy the beautiful (but short-term) sun, with the snow on the mtns. and I will be back tomorrow.

6 am – Cold, it is really cold this morning. Quick report before I snuggle back under the down comforter. I still have considerable snow on the ground. Chew’s Ridge is reporting 24 degrees while Nepenthe is 44. What a difference altitude makes, huh? No more snow expected today, per forecast discussion. Have a great day, everyone.

One thought on “Winter Watch, 12/17/08

  1. Kate, bet you’re still cold this afternoon!!! Its not made it above 41* here at the house and its already 1:30pm.

    They are saying another huge northern storm is due in on Friday. Possibly more snow. Much better than torrents of rain.

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