Fire caused power outage

I’ve been asleep at the computer, I guess, because I totally missed this one this afternoon, until firefox brought it to my attention. Power outage due to fire caused by down lines. Power outage to continue to sometime tomorrow, at the earliest, maybe longer.

I am so over fires and fire seasons, this one snuck up on me. Here is what firefox reported:


Here is some info about the Little Sur Fire today, 12/20/08 and the resulting power outage.
The fire at Little Sur was caused by downed powerline in brush on the south slope of Serra Hill. The fire burned about 8-10 acres and was under control from a combined effort of Big Sur Volunteer Fire and CalFire engines from Cypress and Carmel Highlands stations. One CalFire helicopter made water drops to prevent further spread on the very steep slope. CDF Gabillan Crews did mop up. Big Sur Vol. Fire responded with one engine, one patrol, and one water tender. Two firefighters cut line to gain access through thick riparian brush and prevent spread on the east flank.
PG and E workers relayed to El Sur Ranch that the outage resulting from the fire would last AT LEAST until 2pm Sunday if not further.
The damage to the line running down hill is extensive.”


James Taylor: “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain …”

Thanks, firefox for keeping me on my toes, again!


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