Merry Christmas! Flood Watch!

4:00 pm update – Big Sur River peaked at 160 cubic feet per second. WOW! Uh, oh. Have you read the forecast discussion posted at 3 pm? It does not look good for this evening. There are ominous clouds to the north, and out on the ocean, although I am mostly clear. Snow levels might get down to 1500 feet tonight, the flood watch is still in effect, and this storm is still with us. I had 2″ of rain last night, and another 1/2 inch so far today. More expected tonight. Possibility of lightning, too.

Usually, I pick relevant portions of the forecast discussion and post here. The 3 pm posting is very long, and it is ALL relevant, so if you live in Big Sur, the Monterey area, or the Santa Cruz mountains, I would urge you to go to the right, under 2008-2009 Winter Conditions, and click on the NOAA forecast discussion link.

1:05 pm update – it’s  a white Christmas! Snow began falling at exactly 1:05 pm. Now back to finishing the lamb, etc. Later – the snow lasted only for a few minutes, but it was pretty while it lasted.

8:00 am update – Two inches of rain last night, bringing the season total to 11″. Winds still howling up here. It starts to get on my nerves, after a while. Snow possible this afternoon. Merry Christmas, everyone!

If you haven’t seen Joyce’s holiday card below, take a look. It is sweet.

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