More snow

Created a new page to the right, called Big Sur Fires, 2008. I am in the process of gathering all posts and photos onto one page for ease in historical access. 

Woke to a light dusting of snow this morning. My deck is covered. So, it was a white Christmas, I just slept through most of it! LOL.

I was thinking this morning that in the past, the only one interested in my rain totals was Kimball. What a difference a fire makes, yes?

2 thoughts on “More snow

  1. I hope you can post some recent pics of the snow there…I would love to see! And I am reading all of your posts, finding them to be the best way for me to keep track – while here in Dallas – of what is happening in my beloved Big Sur! Thank you.

  2. Snow is good Kate.

    Rain rain goooo awayyyy, come again another dayyyyy. LOL

    Yep even i who promotes the rain, is a little water-logged.

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