South Coast Road concerns

At the last BSMAAC meeting on 12/12 (sorry I haven’t posted the notes, yet – my bad), one of the issues I brought up was the South Coast Ridge Rd., particularly up Chalk Peak. I asked Bradford what was being done to mitigate the fire problems to PREVENT rock and mudslides. He answered about what the USFS would do  IF there were slides. Sam Farr called him on that, pointing out that Bradford was not answering my question. Bradford then said he would have to get back to me the following week. When Friday, the 19th arrived, and I still hadn’t heard from Bradford, I called him. This time, he said the “engineers” said there was nothing that could be done to mitigate the conditions, BUT that the USFS had hired a contractor to go out during storms and keep the road open. ALL storms, I asked? Yes, he said.

According to one neighbor who drives this road all the time, that is not happening. And, in fact, this resident is out every other day, clearing rocks off of the Chalk Peak portion of the road.  I sent Alec Arago, Sam Farr’s aide, an email about the above with a copy to Bradford. Let’s see how, or if, he responds.

BTW, the South Coast Ridge Rd. is *closed* between Nacimiento-Fergusson Summit and Prewitt Ridge Rd. — and clearly marked so. Due to damage being created by non-local tourist people going off-road, I have called USFS law enforcement, asking for additional patrol of this area. That should start today.

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