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  1. Happy Easter to you too, Kate. I love to celebrate the “Spring” of it, and it looks like you are having a beautiful Spring there, what with all the wildflowers. Enjoy for me!

  2. Kate GOOD NEWS – as I thought, they finally decided to use one of the temp military bridges for Pfeiffer SP. YAHOOOOOO

    Park prepares temporary bridge – Big Sur campground hopes to open by Memorial Day weekend – By LAITH AGHA Herald Staff Writer
    Updated: 04/13/2009 01:33:23 AM PDT


    It’s only temporary, but Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park could have a new bridge in time for the influx of summer campers.
    The park has been closed since its bridge over the Big Sur River was removed in October. Construction on a new, permanent bridge has stalled, so the state Department of Parks and Recreation is trying to install a temporary Bailey bridge, a portable pre-fabricated truss bridge.

    The temporary structure is similar to the one that provided temporary crossing over the Carmel River in 1995 when heavy rains caused the permanent Highway 1 bridge to wash out, said Ken Gray, services manager for States Parks Monterey district.

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