Temporary Bridge for State Park?

Article in Today’s Monterey Herald indicates that the state MAY be erecting a temporary bridge so that it can open for Memorial Day weekend. This is part of that article:

“It’s only temporary, but Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park could have a new bridge in time for the influx of summer campers.

The temporary structure is similar to the one that provided temporary crossing over the Carmel River in 1995 when heavy rains caused the permanent Highway 1 bridge to wash out, said Ken Gray, services manager for States Parks Monterey district.

‘Our goal is to get the campground open by Memorial Day,’ Gray said. ‘We are still doing the planning for (the temporary bridge). There’s no guarantees, but that’s our goal.'”

Sounds like the temporary solution, a “Bailey” bridge, is one that Sam Farr has been pushing. Let’s hope it is in place next month. It will only be one lane, and therefore subject to traffic control, but it is better than what is there now — nothing. This could be good news for the Big Sur business community. It is not a done deal, yet, but hopefully heading in that direction.

3 thoughts on “Temporary Bridge for State Park?

  1. That’s great and I want a bridge up ASAP; but let’s not forget….”There is nothing more permanent than a temporary situation.”

  2. Question: If the park opens up, how do you think they will deal with reservations for the summer? Since it is less than 7 months away, will they just pick a certain day to start taking reservations? Thanks!

  3. Joe, I do not know the answer to your question, but I will ask, and if I get an answer, I will post to the blog. It is a good question, and deserves a researched answer. Thanks for asking.

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