Missing Man & Recovered Woman

Big Sur is a place where strange things happen, sometimes. People tend to run away from family, friends, or society here. They may unwittingly join the “West of Highway One Club.” In the past few days, we have had both happen. The lady who joined the West of Highway One Club is okay. She sur-vived and made it out. The 30-year-old man,Stephen Cunniff, finally made it back to the highway after 6 days missing. And not too long ago, the man who ran from the cops, and ultimately committed suicide, chose Big Sur as his portal to another life.

Something about Big Sur calls to lost souls — those who need healing. They seek it in countless ways. Some of us stay, when we find that healing energy we have been seeking. Others, pass on or through. 

Whatever one seeks, Big Sur so unerringly provides.

4 thoughts on “Missing Man & Recovered Woman

  1. Tuesday, April 20, 2009
    Reported by: Stacy Daniel

    After a search that lasted for five days, the effort to find a missing man from San Luis Obispo County is called off.

    30-year-old Stephen Cunniff was last seen Thursday night at the entrance of the Salmon Creek trail near Big Sur in Monterey County.

    Searchers scoured the area for days, but have turned up no signs of the missing man. Monday night at 8:00 p.m. the search was called off.

    (Cuniff disputes what was reported here by Stacy Daniel.)

    Several campers spotted him walking in the woods a few days ago. Friends are concerned he might have caught a ride with someone and hitchhiked out of the area.

    If you believe you have seen Stephen Cunniff, call your local sheriff’s department.

  2. There are many hidden areas up Salmon Creek. It could take years if not forever to find that poor soul/man. I pray he found his spot in life, lost or otherwise.

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